Why should customers buy from you?

Building a customer value driven organisation needs clarity on how you deliver your customers’ most important needs to produce outcomes which get them to celebrate.

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    Why you should care about your customer value propositions

    Everyone in your business will act together to deliver customer value.

    Your customers will recognize and talk about the value that you offer.

    You’ll generate sustainable differentiation and reasons why customers should trust you.

    New products and services will be adopted quickly after launch

    Understanding and developing compelling value propositions should be a core skill. They’re the fundamental driver of business success.

    Why work with Mike Innes?

    Developing a truly customer value driven organisation based on compelling value propositions is hard – it needs a structured approach

    If you get it right, customers will understand why they should buy from you. That makes their decision easier, leading to more customer wins and true partnerships.

    • My workshops are highly interactive, they will make value proposition development based on delivering customer outcomes a core skill in your business.
    • They use a proven 7 step process which starts and ends with your customers.
    • Expert facilitation, based on years of business experience, gets the best out of your team.

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    The workshop was excellent, it gave us a clear structure to identify why customers should buy from us. We changed our approach and marketing messages and have seen sales of Better Business Cases increase by 100%

    Martyn Kinch
    Managing Director, Training Bytesize

    A value proposition has 4 essential elements

    It shows how products / services create value for a specific customer segment

    The customer’s perspective

    Customer outcomes
    • What do they want to achieve, what are their goals?
    • What problems do they care about?
    • What are they excited about?

    What’s in it for them?

    Promise of value that resonates
    • Benefits that solve their urgent problems and help them achieve their goals
    • Why they should care about your solution

    Why choose to buy from you?

    Competitive Differentiation
    • Demonstrate points of difference from our competition that matter to your customers.
    • Put action plans in place to improve important areas

    Trust and remember what you say

    Proof and quantification
    • Create trust -why should your customer believe you?
    • Create a vision of how your solution will help them achieve their goals

    The elements can take on different levels of importance depending on the competitive environment and the point in the sales cycle.

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